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Vegetarian "Smörgåstårta" (Swedish)

Vegetarian “Smörgåstårta” This is a Swedish specialty and Anne-li prepared taught us this in the cooking club in our Chüchikastchli. I found the dish absolutely out of this world! I really can't explain, I haven't eaten anything that good. It was fresh, full of flavor, delicious, light, everything. I can't thank Anne-li enough.

Its great for summer parties or summer dinners. It can be prepared ahead of time. Do try it before the summer is over.

Vegetarian smoràstàrta for 8 people


About 24 pieces of bread

Filling 1:

  • 2 pieces of avocado in cubes

  • 0.5 piece of lemon juice

  • 1 piece of apple in cubes

  • 0.5 DL leek, sliced ​​(shredded?)

  • 10 pieces of olives, sliced

  • 0.75 DL cottage cheese

  • Salt

  • Pepper

Filling 2:

  • 3 pieces of carrots, finely grated

  • 5 tablespoons cream Fraiche

  • 1 dl leek, finely chopped

  • 1.5 DL feta cheese, grated

  • 1 DL paprika in small cubes


  • 2 tablespoons cream

  • 100g blue cheese

  • Piece of avocado

  • 10 pieces of olives, in halves

  • 1 piece of carrot, thinly sliced

  • 1 piece of cucumber sliced


  1. Remove the edges from the bread.

  2. Lay the loaves in rows.

  3. Make the fillings separately, to taste.

  4. Put the first filling on the bread. Another layer of bread for the second filling and another layer of bread.

  5. Whip cream.

  6. Stir blue cheese into the cream.

  7. Spread half of the cream and blue cheese around the “Smörgåstårta”.

  8. Mix the other half with avocado. The width on the “Smörgåstårta”.

  9. Garnish with carrots, olives, dill and cucumber

TIP: I left out the blue cheese from this recipe because I'm not a big fan of it but everything else was as written here. It's really worth trying. I think you can make this dish very well for festivals, summer festivals and birthdays, my children really enjoyed it too.


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