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An interview with hello zurich

It was a bright and sunny day and we are seen here at the Lindenhof with the most breathtaking. Here I am being interviewed by my colleague Remo and his brother. So they are asking me what tips I would like to give to the people of Zürich. In my opinion I don't think they need any tips but only think I would say is "Take it easy" As i think in my opinion the Zürcher/innen are rather perfectionist, I would say don't take life so seriously. Enjoy the interview.

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Namaste Switzerland writes about Creativ-ity

Aradhana Sethi from Namaste Switzerland writes about Creativ-ity and her life here in Switzerland. I would like to thank her and her team of Namaste Switzerland to take time out and write about Creativ-ity

Namaste Switzerland is an on line platform which features different topics about people, travel, work, food, life in Switzerland etc. Have a look at their very diverse website. 

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Indischer Kochkurse mit Ity

Article on Indian cooking written in German by blogger, Steffi from

Steffi is the face behind the blog hey pretty. She has lived as a child in the USA and then moved to Switzerland, her home country. You can see her Amercian wit in her writing. She visited us for the Bloggers cooking event and this is what she has to say about the evening! UNFASSBAR! indescribable, read for yourself. 


Shape my Brow on google and Yelp

You can also find Shape my brow here on Google site and on Yelp. 




Yoga & Cooking Retreat am Klöntalersee

A yoga and cooking weekend getway at the Klöntaersee. Read here to know more about this retreat. The Yoga retreat is planned in the serene location of the Mount Rigi with the Vierwaldstattersee in the background. The place is also an Eco Hotel run by a lovely couple. They grow their produce there and that's what we are going to use for our cooking and of course they are many yoga lessons too. Looking forward to see you all. 

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Indisch kochen mit Ity & Augenbrauen Zupfen mit Faden Technique

Justyna is a Swiss lifetsyle blogger and she writes about Creativ-ity on her blog "Extra 2 Style me" about her cooking and threading experience. I would like to thank her about her very kind words and also for visitng the course. Do read her article 


Indish kochen lernen und hübsche Augenbrauen

Article on Indian cooking and Eyebrow threading written by Corinne from Corinne is a lifestyle blogger and she visited the bloggers cooking event. This is what she has to say about the evening, the Indian Kitchen and the spices. 


Article in the Swiss Magazine Gesundheits tip

An article on the Indian vegetarian kitchen by Andreas Gossweiler. It was such a pleasure and an honour for me to be in one of the local Swiss magaizines. Thanks Andreas and the Gesundheits tipp for this. 


Vegan & Gluten free Indian Cooking

Elisabeth is an accomplished lifestyle blogger. She visited the Vegan and Gluten free Indian cooking workshop and wrote about it on her blog Best Years. Read on the article and she has also put up a few recipes on her blog. Do try and see how easy it is to be a vegan and gluten free in the Indian Kitchen. 

Thank you Elisabeth for visiting the workshop and many thanks for such a nice write up. 


Sonja shoppt

Sonja Hüsler is a travel blogger and she visited us at Creativ-ity along with other blogger for a cooking event and this is what she had to say. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram and see all the beautiful pictures she posts from her travels from around the world. We thank her for a wonderful feedback from the cooking course that she attended. 


They are blogging about Creativ-ity!

Elizabeth Giovanoli is an Austrian lifestyle blogger who visited us for the Bloggers cooking event. She blogged about the evening the Indian food and the spices. Read on more on her blog. 

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We are on Swiss television

I was over the moon when I got to see just randomly pyjamas from my label was seen wearing by a German actor in one of the Swiss advertisements. Thank you Moritz Schmid from Job Cloud to share this with me. I did a big dance to have experienced this. 

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