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Ity Tiwari

Melchrütistrasse 6

8304 Wallisellen



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By Public transport


  • From Stadelhofen to Stettbach with the train and from Stettbach, Tram no. 12 to Herti

  • From Zürich HB to Wallisellen with tram no. 18 or no. 14 and then either with tram no. 12 to Herti (direction Airport) or with bus no. 759 to Herti (direction Airport). 


From the tram stop walk straight ahead, go over the zebra crossing, and behind the Bus stop go through the big wall and keep walking straight until you reach a street.


On the left side, there is a recycling station, from here take right, until you see a little daycare on your left with a colorful flag bunting outside.

Take this little street and No. 6 is the second building on the left from there. These buildings have wooden balconies around them and the roof is flat. I am on the 3rd floor. 


Please give me a call if you still can't find it. 




There are parking lots available for guests on the side of Melchrütistrasse 22-28. 


Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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