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An interview with hello zurich

It was a bright and sunny day and we are seen here at the Lindenhof with the most breathtaking. Here I am being interviewed by my colleague Remo and his brother. So they are asking me what tips I would like to give to the people of Zürich. In my opinion I don't think they need any tips but only think I would say is "Take it easy" As i think in my opinion the Zürcher/innen are rather perfectionist, I would say don't take life so seriously. Enjoy the interview.


A Plant-Based, Zero-Waste Tour of Zurich With Ity Tiwari

Food lovers are big lovers of life, and Ity Tiwari, an Indian-born, Zurich-based food blogger, vegetarian cooking teacher and pop-up chef, possesses a passion for her adopted Swiss hometown that is palpable. "People feed on good ideas in Zurich," she says, steering us down Napfgasse, a narrow pedestrianised alley lined with patisseries and delicatessens in the heart of Zurich's Niederdorf quarter. 

Tour photo schipfe.JPG

Namaste Switzerland writes about Creativ-ity

Aradhana Sethi from Namaste Switzerland writes about Creativ-ity and her life here in Switzerland. I would like to thank her and her team of Namaste Switzerland to take time out and write about Creativ-ity

Namaste Switzerland is an on line platform which features different topics about people, travel, work, food, life in Switzerland etc. Have a look at their very diverse website. 


Article in the Swiss Magazine Gesundheits tip

An article on the Indian vegetarian kitchen by Andreas Gossweiler. It was such a pleasure and an honour for me to be in one of the local Swiss magaizines. Thanks Andreas and the Gesundheits tipp for this. 

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