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Restaurants Kreis 1/District 1

Raclette Factory

If you are looking for a nice Raclette in downtown Zürich in District 1/Kreis 1 then head to the Raclette factory which is in the heart of the old town, a very prime location, surrounded by many historical buildings.

I asked for a simple old fashioned/traditional Raclette which is a plate of boiled baby potatoes, melted Raclette cheese, and a few pickles on the side. They serve you a rather good portion and its good value for money for 13.50 per portion. And other then Racelette they also have one type of Soup everyday and also a flammküchen.

Enjoy your warm cheesy meal!

How to reach at the Raclette factory

Here are a few other places for meals

  1. Assbar/ Assbar is a sustainable food chain which rescues food from yesterday from the bakeries. The food is sold at the fraction of the price.


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