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365 Days

This post is about Katerina Kestemont, another person I got to know who followed her heart and is now hooked on to a paint brush. Read more about her story and look at her amazing work.

365 Days

I am Katerina, traveller, explorer of the divine, follower of happiness and joy. Dancer to groovy tunes, and believer in something much grander than ourselves.

I have lived in 2 countries and adopted another, well a few actually.

In 1994, I left a secure office job to follow my heart and what I thought was the love of my live; and moved from Zurich to Montreux.

Being unemployed, I jumped into being self-employed as a gemstone carver. We did 50 weekend shows a year, and worked at the Tucson gem show for several years.

In 2008 I dropped everything and learned a whole new job as massage therapist, traveling to Thailand yearly, to visit with my Thai master of massage and spirituality.

He opened my eyes to see, really see the beauty inside of myself.

My Journey

In 2011 my partner and I decided to split up, and for a few years it was though going. But it was the best decision I ever made. Then BOOM! In 2016! The muse hit and reminded me why I am truly here! To create Art!

A doodle every single day

And then in June 22nd, 2018, I decided to draw a doodle, every day, for a WHOLE year.

My intention? Getting better at drawing, get faster and become more sure with my line of work.

It was quite the journey, and some days the inspiration to draw didn’t come easily. But I never wavered, no matter what... even when traveling, or when I was sick or just plain tired, I still made a drawing daily.

I never prepared them in advance, as that was not the purpose of the journey, I wanted to feel the emotion of that day, including it in the creation. Letting it be raw and true.

What I discovered during that year was that I love to draw women’s bodies.

The softness, the roundness, the deep connections women have with earth and life spoke to me on a deep level.

Women’s bodies represent something deeply spiritual to me, a link to the meaning of why we are here, a reaching for our souls intention.

At one point, these women started whispering their stories to me, wanting to be revealed, to share, and poems were born, these 365 days changed my art practice, and my life completely.

That year has brought clarity into what I want to become and be, a full time artist!

My wish is touching women deeply thru my art, so they can reconnect with their beautiful inner self and find their inner goddess.

Do contact me on Katerina K.Art for any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading my post.



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