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Indian Street Food

As many states, cities and towns so many and much more varieties of street food you can find in India. Here are a few picture of the very well known Street foods around the whole country. Its just to show you the varieties. If you are looking for a Indian Street food cooking course, do PM me to organise that. I organise classes, birthday party events, bachelor parties etc. from my home kitchen.

Batata Veda

"Batata Veda" is a very famous street food originating from Mumbai but famous all over India. If you can get a Masala Chai with that, then you are in heaven. I had this at the Mumbai airport at 3 in the morning. Yes! Please don't judge!

Pani Puri

Pani puri is also called as Golgappa in the north of India, Puchka in the West of India and Ghupchup in my in-laws house. This is hands down the most favourite street food in the whole of India. But you will get the best Pani Puri in the north.

Paneer Tikka

This Paneer tikka was cooked at one of my cooking course at the Klubschule Migros. Here we made skewers with marinated panner, red capsicum and shallots.

Masala Dosa

This one here is a Masala dosa, the South indian delight. This I had it at around 4 in the morning at the Delhi Airport, again no judging please!

South India is known for its varieties of Doasa. but this one famous not only in the whole country but around the world. A crispy rice and lentil crepe cooked to perfection and filled with a spicy potage filling with coconut and tomato chutney on the side and some piping hot sambhar.

Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi needs no introduction!

Pav Bhagi

Pan Bhagi is another Indian street food which is loved all over the country. Its based on potatoes, tomatoes probably peas and capsicum and lots of pave bhagi masala. its served with Pav, which is bread in Marathi. This one I made a couple of months ago. This is a super comfort food and I don't think there is anyone who doesn't like it.

Vedas / Baked Falafel

Vedas or falafel are mostly fried but I have tried a baked version here and it came out pretty good. These Vedas are based on yellow and orange lentils and a super yummy protein based fun street food. Do check out the recipe on the food section.

Did the pictures make you drool a bit! A few of the recipes you can find on the recipe page and some on the blog under the recipes Happy cooking!


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