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Diwali at Sprüngli: East meets West

Diwali with Sprüngli Chocolates

I was given these two Sprüngli Chocolates boxes as a pre-Diwali gift from someone I recently got to know. I freaked out! I have never ever seen a Sprungli Diwali Chocolate box. The first box was this tin box with a Diya (Oil Lamp) hanging on to it and the second one was with Ganesha picture on the sleeve and said Happy Diwali on it. I am telling you I almost had tears in my eyes. This was the most amazing box of chocolates I ever got, and I felt this little box had best of both the worlds in it. What better way to celebrate Diwali with one of the best Chocolates in the world and had a Diwali greeting with Ganesha on it too. Can’t get better than that now can it!

Here are some pictures of what all they have in the assortment for Diwali. I dug deeper into it and found out that you can even order your own design of Praline, it could be with a Ganesha, a Laxmi , a Diya or about anything you wish to be on that praline. The little customized pralines could also be done for baby showers, weddings, Durga Puja etc. The ideas are endless. Of course, it will cost a tad bit much. But the possibility is there.

Story of Sprüngli

Now who doesn't know the world famous Sprüngli fresh Chocolates. The story of the Sprüngli chocolates started in the beginning of the 19th century by David Sprüngli. He opened the Confiserie Sprünlgi & Fils in Zürich in 1836 at the Marktgasse. Very soon they got famous and also very successful in the chocolate making business. In the middle of the 19th Century (1859) David and his son Rudolf bought a place at the Paradeplatz in Zürich, thinking that the Main train station will be built here. But that didn’t happen but something more major and monumental happened! The headquarters of the International Bank Credit Suisse came here, followed by the Bank UBS. That changed the whole scene for Sprüngli. And later on, all the high-end shopping stores also came here. Now there was no looking back for Sprüngli. But of course, location can’t do everything for you! But the product has to be good as well. Now, there is no discussion on that! Confiserie Sprüngli was and is considered one of the finest Chocolates in the world!

There world of Chocolate, I feel is magical. The collection of their different types of Chocolates, food, pastries, patisserie, salads, soups and OMG! the hot chocolate is to die for! Not to mention their little delight called as Luxumburgerli! Believe it or not but they make more than 650 kg of Luxemburgerli every single day. This little delicacy is a little macaron which was developed by a guy from Luxembourg, who used to work for Sprüngli back in the fifties. He brought this recipe with him, it was so loved and relished that they named it "Luxemburgerli" after him and it’s a very loved product from Sprüngli since then.

So, you see, since back then Sprüngli used to have employees from abroad. Today it is even more international than that. Employees from more than 50 different countries work for Sprüngli.

And you know what?

If you want to have these boxes, you could order them from their international business responsible person. Here is the e-mail (, or if you want the phone number from them, do send me a PM and I can connect them to you.

I wish you all a very happy Diwali and I don’t know about you but I am full into Diwali cleaning and now my best snack is a Masala Chai with Sprüngli Schoggi Brioche and later on when we welcome Laxmi into our homes, and family and friends visit then those little delights of Sprüngli Chocolate boxes will be opened after dinner while playing cards or carom boards. Both these ones I got are long gone, but I know where Paradeplatz is.

They have a huge restaurant on the first floor & a little one the ground floor adjacent to the shop and of course there is a lot of space to sit outside as well.

Thank you Sprüngli for making our Diwalis a bit more sweeter and giving us best of both the worlds.

Happy Deepawali everyone! May Goddess Laxmi shower her blessings on you and your family with good health, success, peace of heart and mind and whatever you may wish for.


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