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Christmas in Zürich

24 of November sharp at 18.00 the Lucy light at the Bahnofstrasse went on. I just finished my tour and I am telling you there must be around a million people. I was at the Paradeplatz and I would see a see of people all the way to the Bahnhofstrasse. Honestly! I loved it! But the thing is there was some organised chaos and calmness even with so many people.

I had to go all the way through the parallel streets to reach the office.

Have you been in the city! Its almost a pflicht to have Marroni, Racelette and a Glue wine.

Here are some shots from the city, some from Lucy, in and around the Bahnhofstrase and the old town.

There are around 5 Christmas markets in the city! There is to start with at the main train station, then at the Landesmuseum, Werdmühleplatz where you can see the singing Christmas tree, a good glue wine at the Rennweg. Then at the Munsterhof, ALtstadt and finally the big one at the Sechselautenplatz.

So here you see, people enjoying and getting out in the city. I think after the Pandemic we all feel to do these little things more in life and rightfully so. So get dresses warm and cuddly and off you go! Merry holiday times peeps.

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