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Ben Wilson: the Chewing gum guy!

Art on spitted chewing gum! Seriously! Yes! That's what Ben Wilson, the artist from London does. He has done many little paintings around Zûrich. He came to Zürich in the summer of this year 2022 and re painted all his previous art pieces and also made some new ones. He was invited by Musée Visionnaire for the second time.

He first began doing occasional chewing gum paintings in 1998 and since October 2004 he has devoted himself fully to the art. He has created more than 10,000 pieces of art on sidewalks in Europe, mostly in London.

He heats the gum mass with a small blowtorch, smoothes it out, and then applies white varnish. Then he uses special acrylic paints and unto 10 years are need for him to finish his miniature art piece.

Get the Chewing map from Musée Visionnaire.

A few more chewing art scattered around the city. Me and Rosi took a walk and went on the chewing art hunt!

Here you can have an idea how small actually the art piece is. Its actually the size of a 5 Fran coin.. By looking at the shoes one can make out the size of the painting. Its not quite easy to find but you can take the map from the Museum Visiioneire and follow it and make it into a scavenger hunt. Me and Rosy did the same! Great fun!

Thank you Ben Wilson for making our city more charming and colourful.



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