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Bags from Philippines from Sandra

About Sandra: 

Those were the days I was doing a lot of cooking events, good times before Corona! A friend of mine who was a banker said her friend who is a Vegan and loves Indian food would like to come to visit my course. So that’s how I met Sandra for the first time. 

We had a great time cooking and she was hooked on to Indian food & spices and I also showed her how easily & effortlessly Indian food can be cooked Vegan. Then later we did a private course for her boyfriend and his family and that too was a hit! She had an amazing career in Banking in one of the high profiles bank at the Zürich Bahnofstrasse. But she also had a very creative side to her as well. So I heard that she followed her dream and moved to the Philippines where she started a lifestyle brand called as “edition YRO” She has amazing bags and I guess more beautiful things to come from there. I requested her if she would do a little post for us here in Zürich and she agreed. This is what she has to say. Do check out her page. Thank you Sandra for the post and I wish you more success with your project. 

Sandra`s Story in her own words!

Hi and good day Blog readers, I’m Sandra Gili Zollinger, former cooking student of beloved Ity, a big fan of Indian cuisine and founder of the design and lifestyle brands edition YRO and OCCO Living, based in Zurich and Siargao Island (Philippines). I spend most of the year in Siargao, surrounded by green vivid nature. An effortless style defines my designs. Nothing is too difficult or too complicated — clean lines, classic aesthetics. Improvisation skills are my everyday learning task. Nothing they teach you in school. It’s all about stretching and flexing the mind in all directions to achieve the best result; as a human being, creative person and entrepreneur. Same goes for cooking. Exploring and mixing new flavors and spices became even more important during this present pandemic. Preparing Indian dishes is a pure joy for the senses – and medicine food. I’m forever grateful Ity taught me how to use and combine spices. I got them all in my kitchen and I always make sure I never run out of stock! And if surfing is on your next travel destination list, visit us in Siargao.

Be inspired on your ventures, Sandra

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Sandra Gili Zollinger PH: +63 (0)977 154 5245 CH: +41 (0)79 790 4217


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