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Who knew that we would get stranded! Thankfully I visited home in January and now it would have again been the time for me to look at the air deals and visit my mom and family. But this pandemic has other plans. So we are just stay put wherever we are. Last two years I started travelling a bit in India alone with my friends and my cousins. To be honest I don't even know my own country so well. Its super diverse which I started to experience. This time we visited Goa, the Portuguese Colony since the early 16th Century.

The above picture is the Taj Aguada hotel, what a property and what a view!

Goa: The Portuguese Colony

Now Goa is Goa, famous for its beaches and the sea food. Even we being vegetarians also had a huge choice of foods and sometimes I even forgot which country I was in! The restaurants were absolutely modern, with whatever cuisine you wanted to have. I experienced Goa as a layout of the French Riveria, where in you have little towns like Nice, Cannes, Monaco Menton on the region of Cote-d-Azur. The whole belt by the Arbian sea has dozens and dozens of beaches. We were at Candolim which is at the border of the north Goa, just before the south starts. Other then the beaches there is lots to see as well. The churches, the temples, the historical museum of Goa, and not to mention the lovely beaches.

Visit to the Spice Garden

My friends had left a day early and then the next day I had the opportunity to see some other things. You know how it is when 4 girls are getting ready. I am an early riser so I got up early had my breakfast and was ready at 9.00. I have read and heard about the spice garden trips in Goa. So I figured that and planned a day trip to visit the spice gardens and while coming back the Museums! Best time ever! I had a very good guide cum driver who took me to the Church at Ponda, A temple on a hill and the museum of Goa too. I requested a stop wherever I saw a Cocount vendor or a sugar cane juice vendor. Thats when you think, the best things while travelling in India are these delicacies which you can't find anywhere.

This was the little bridge from where I reached the spice garden.! We got a very warm welcome with marigold flower leaves and love and warmth.

This was our guide, an absolute genius, so young and confident and she knew inns and out of the spices. Here she is telling us how "Fenni" the liquor from Cashew is made. We got to see spices like chilis, black pepper, cloves, cardamom, long pepper, nutmeg and many more fruits and vegetables too, an absolute heaven for me.

And in the end we got a wonderful Goan buffet, served in earthen pots and with that a herbal tea. It was a very organic meal fit for a King or a Queen. A big vegetarian feast and most of the spices and vegetables which were used in cooking were also grown here.

It was the most delicious meal and finally after buying some spices and oils, I headed back for my next adventure.

Visit to Aguada Light House & Aguada Fort

The ford Aguada was built by the Portuguese in the beginning of the 16th Century at the confluence of the Arabian see and the river Mandovi river. It comes in Candolim so for us it was rather easy to reach. There is also a Lighthouse there. Below you will see a few sights of the lighthouse and the Aguada fort. They say this Ford was never conquered because of its very strategic location and its also known to be one of the very well preserved Forts in India. Read here more about the Fort Aguada

Visit to the temple, the Church & the Museum

Now which part of India doesn't have temples, but Goa is such a place where in you can spot half temples and half churches. Such strong is the presence of the Portuguese culture here.

This was my last day of holiday and I just soaked in the culture of this beautiful place and got to see and experience so many different and very diverse things in one day. I fell in love with the bright orange and white colours of the temple and it made me so nostalgic to experience it all over again.

And that was goodbye from Goa until we meet again but honestly this was the post I really cherished writing, while choosing the pitures and going back and forth brought me back there. See the world famous Kingfisher sign that's probably one of the first beers which got famous from India. But my absolute all time favourite is the fresh made sugarcane juice, with some masala and topped with Lime juice! Best beverage ever! I hope you do enjoy this virtual trip.

And I saw someone getting married outside the Church, was such a lovely photoshoot and ceremony.

God and Jesus bless the newly weds, to new beginnings..........................................


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