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Jute Shopper Bag

Its sewing time

So I have gone back to my love of sewing. Actually last summer also I sewed a lot of things but never posted anything. Now before wasting any more time I would like to show you how I made a shopper out of a Santa sack. If you want to read more about how I got the idea and inspiration and blah..blah...blah.... then all of that will be after the end of the main post.


  • Jute or in my case, one Santa jute sack

  • some floral printed (mine is from IKEA)

  • a sewing machine

  • Some Jute

  • A few cotton ribbons

  • tons of tea

  • Mozart on radio


  1. I was inspired by this old Bershka shopper from my daughter, which had seen its glorious days but now had worn out. I kept it as I thought I might use its handles.

  2. Firstly I cut out all the pieces, my sizes are: 40 cm long or length of the bag, 18 cm width at the bottom and around 30 cm width of the bag.

  3. So what I did was I took it all in one full length, ie. 40 cm + 40 cm + 18 cm and that equals to 98 cm. So in this case I didn't had to add three pieces.

  4. I cut two side pieces with 18 x 40 cm.

  5. I cut two sets in these measurements ie. one with the jute and one the floral one.

Now lets get to the fun part: the sewing.

As they say, pictures say more than a thousand words. So here you go, you will see step by step process of how the bag was made.

So thats it! It took me a couple of hours to make the body of the bags. First I pinned the jute bag and sewed it, then same for the lining or the floral bag. If you see closely you will see the top pressed stitched on both the front and the back sides of the bag. They have given a good form to the bag. As you can see I have also made small hand handles on the floral side with the little leftover jute I had. I have tried to sew both the handles together with hand stitch as the machine just refused to work on that thick material. So hand stitch it was! As I sewed the handles on the same holes on the leather handles, so the front looks pretty neat but the jute handles sewing is not that perfect.

When I finished the bag it looked great but something was missing. So I got some twine and I had some white cotton ribbon from some packaging. I took few strings together and with the little leftover bits I made these tassels, which I absolutely love. I remember as I teenager when I used to sew with my mom and my Bua they always insisted to add a tassel even on the pajamas and the saree peticots, real perfectionists they were. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Tassels are here to stay!

Inspiration of the bag

I love jute. I saw this jute sack in the Christmas sale and I bought it. Then my mind kept working on what to to with that. I have loved to sew bags as long as I can remember. I also used to make bags from the old jeans leftovers, when my brother used to make shorts out of his jeans, then I would take the bottom from knees to the ankle part and used to make bags. So you can also try and make something like that.

Now since we all kind of have to stay at home coz of that Covid-19 (stupid and stubborn virus) I took out my sewing machine and this is the first project in sewing I did. Trust me I have a lot coming up.

The bag took kind of two-isch days. I needed more time for the handles and the tussles as well. I hope you enjoy this post and also get inspired in bag making. I think this bag would be great to visit the farmers market at the lake or even to take swimming at the lake or just for shopping.

Take care you guys and let me know if you have any questions regarding the bag. Its always nice to hear a comment or a question.


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