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Taucherli Chocolate

From Bean to Bar

Taucherli is a Swiss German word which is coming from Tauchen, which means to dive. And the bird which you see on the Taucherli Chocolate is this little diver.

Taucherli is a little high end first class Swiss Chocolate, which is the baby of Kay Keusen. I have never seen anyone so passionate about his work. When Kay talks about Chocolate and the process of Chocolate making, his eyes brighten up like a little child and you cant help but get infected by his passion of Chocolate making. He says there is no secret in Chocolate making. Its all about passion, I couldn't agree more. I felt so mesmerized by the whole thing.

Chocolate making

Taucherli started as a Chocolate on a stick to dip in milk to make a lovely hot chocolate. But this fantastic product had to reach leaps and bounds. When hard work and passion marries together, there is no stopping them. Now Kay is making more than 7 different types of chocolates and they are sold at different places in Zürich. I had the pleasure to meet him second time at his new Chocolate factory, Taucherli in Adliswil.

The famous "taucherli" Chocolate sticks

You have to try the Chocolate to believe it, but dont complain if you get hooked on to these. There is also this little Chocolate fondue box which is a real treat and makes a lovely gift as well. Do always buy two, one for a gift to give away and one for you as I myself did. He is so passionate about chocolate that I couldn't help myself but click his wonderful Tattos which says: Bean to Bar.

After all, all these little things in life makes our lives a little more sweeter and nicer. Kay thank you for letting us have a look at your factory and the lovely products. Keep making people`s lives a bit more sweeter. I wish you all the more success and fun with Taucherli! Keep well.

Do try this lovely chocolate and enjoy the finer things in life.

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