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Blind Gold by Cop Shiva

I had the pleasure to attend this exhibition at the Rote Fabric in Zürich with a friend. It was by a world renowned Indian Artist and photographer called as "Cop Shiva" He hails from Bangalore and was actually working as a Cop and hence this catch name "Cop Shiva" Read more about him here. Rote Fabric is a cultural center for the young people in a former Silk Industry in Wollishofen.

The exihibition is called as "Blind Gold" in which you see the Hindu mytholgical Lord Kubera, who represents wealth. The exihibition started yesterday at 18.00 followed by his live perfornace based on a Kannada poem, which was totally fantastic. It will be open at the Rote Fabric from 4-8 of December from 12.00 to 17.00 at the A wing, first floor and its free of cost to visit. Have a look at the beautiful colorful pictures which by the way are also on sale.

What better place to talk about money rather then this financial capital of Switzerland "Zürich" So head over to the Rote Fabric in Wollishofen and bring some colour

nto your rainy days! You will not regret it and if you are lucky you might also run into Cop Shiva himself. Enjoy!

I have never seen an art interpretation of money in such an artistic way! What do you think?


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