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Im Viaduckt

19th Century Viaduct converted into something special

Zürich west used to be the industrial district of the city until the middle of the 19th century. Zürich is divided into 12 Districts and this comes in the district 5 or Kreis 5 of the city of Zürich. Here you will find an old Viaduckt which was made in the end of the 19th century (1894) in stone.

Today its a 500 metres/550 yards street with around 30 shops and a markthalle under 36 Stone arches. The place is a like a chain of shops like a market and there are different kinds like boutiuques, shops, food, Gourmet, Restaurants, Caritas shop, fitness, sports, yoga and so on. On one side is the street which takes you via the Freitag tower, the Gerolds garden and the Prime Tower to the Bahnhof Hardbrücke and on the other side there is a lovely garden called the Josefwiese where there are some Restaurants where in you can enjoy a drink or a nice meal, overlooking the garden and kids playing in the garden playground.

36 Stone Arches & 30 stores

The stone arches and the area around the viaduckt were used by people as a market place and it became a place for trading fruits and peanuts. There were also shops for bikes, Comestibles etc. It used to be called as the banana headquarters. By the end of March 2003 they all had to vacate this place because SBB wanted to make something here.

36 Stone Arches and 30 stores

After many different plans for this Viaduckt it was finally decided that it will be a place for shopping, boutiques, food stalls, studios, restaurants, or basically a place for people of this area to hang out. This project was done by PWG foundation. They made a plan which also won three prizes for Im Viaduckt and keeping the area and surroundings in mind this project was executed.

Its very well connected to the rest of the city, you can either take a tram till the stop Damweg from the main train station/Sihlquai or you can also take the train from Zürich main train station and of course you can also walk from down town Zürich, all the way by the river Limmat.

Plan a trip to this Industry area of Zürich and you will not regret it. Its very lively in the day and the night as well. There are there Viaduckts here now, one this one from the 19th century, the other one is for the trains and there is one Letten Viaduct, which you can use for a nice walk.

Im Viaduct


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