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Biggest waterfall in Europe

Rheinfall is one of the major attractions in the north of Switzerland. It is in the Canton of Schaffausen and its in the community or a little town called as "Neuhausen am Rheinfall" but it belongs to both the Cantons, Zürich and Schauffausen. . If we break the word Rhein-Fall it literally means a water fall coming from the river Rhein and that's what exactly it is. It is the biggest and the largest water fall in Europe. The water crashes 21 meters down and the width of the fall is about 150 meters.

A day trip from Zürich

It can be visited for half a day trip. It is 50 km from Zürich and its very well connected with the public transportation bus, boats, bikes, walking and hiking are also popular options too. There are many organized half day trips which can also be booked. Its also well connected from Germany, Austria and rest of the Swiss cities too. About 1.5 million visitors visit this spectacle every year.

There are many attractions which you can visit here at the Rheinfall. I would highly recommend you to take a little boat ride and experience this monumental fall from very close. You can also go up on the big stone and be in the center of the fall. There is also a bridge (Eisenbahnbrücke/train bridge) which was constructed in 1857, which you can walk and come over the other side. Schloss laufen is a beautiful, more than 1000 years old castle which can also be visited. It has two glass lifts which provides a great view of the falls. You can also go to the spot called as Känzeli" the viewing platform below the castle Laufen. There is also an exhibition about the Schloss/Castle laufen's history and the story about the Rheinfalls called as "Historama" They also have a nice snack bar and a great Restaurant which is run by the SV group. You can also visit the Restaurant "Park am Rheinfall" and sit and enjoy your meal with a spectacular view of the falls. If you feel like having an Indian meal, no worries there is also a little Indian Street food joint, just by the boat stop side.

Night stay the Rheinfalls

If you intend to stay overnight on a budget and if you are lucky to find a place, then do try to stay at the youth hostel which is also a part of the Laufen Castle, with prices as low as 32 Chf you can stay right at the Rheinfall and enjoy a night in a more than thousand year old Castle and feel like a Prince or a Princess.

There are many good restaurants for a nice lunch, or a coffee and a snack. Schloss Laufen is more than 1000 years old castle and it has been renovated and restored and runs a great restaurant by the SV group.

This is a must on the do to list be it for tourists or even the locals visit this place every now and then. I got to take a lovely group from Indonesia for a visit here. There was a little child star with us too, Alifa! Such a sweetheart, we got along the moment we met and it was great fun to show them around. They were shooting for a child TV show where Alifa is the main star cast. See for yourself.

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