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Globus: Zürich Bahnhofstrasse

Shopping in Zürich

Globus is a shopping mall is at the very beginning of the Bahnhofstrasse, also known as The Luxury mile. I am going in order from the beginning of the Bahnhofstrasse where shopping possibilities are. So Globus is the first shopping mall right behind the Pestolozzi Statue. I can say it’s one of the very nice shopping malls.

It is a four story mall but not very huge. They also have two very nice restaurants one on the ground floor and on the the top floor. The top floor restaurant is not known by much people, but its rather nice and they also have small narrow balcony, where in you can sit and enjoy the view of the lovely buildings.

There is one more Globus in the city which is at Bellevue, this one is a rather smaller one but also nice. Its right close to the Opera house. They also have a lovely restaurant and an outside ice-creme stand. They have very nice salads, you can always sit outside and enjoy.

The third Globus is in the big shopping mall "Glatt Zentrum" This is one of the nicest shopping malls in the city of Zürich. It has nice stores and its very well connected to the city with the public transport. With trains S8 or S14 you can reach here in about 20 minutes. You take the train to the town of Wallisellen and from here you can either take Tram no. 12 for 2 stops or bus no. 759 till the stop also called as Glatt.

The malls in Zürich are not overwhelmingly huge like for example Macys in New York, they are small which I like, because you get lost here. The whole of Bahnhofstrasse there are a couple of malls but more individual shops too.

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