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Graffiti in Zürich

Zürich West/Kreis 5

Graffiti is legal in Switzerland! Yes! In fact the city of Zurich has many areas where in people can go and spray Graffiti. I personally like Grafitti, for its colors, boldness and creativity, but its entirely a personal choice. I think by seeing the sprayed pictures one can have an idea what the society is thinking and what the thoughts of the artists are! It feels like you can almost try and read someones mind.

I would presume people here like Graffiti as it must give a feeling of liberation, freedom, creativity and breaking the rules!

Now let me break down this understanding of mine as per my experience and.

I come from a sub continent and many of my Swiss/Western friends travel there regularly and we often have discussions about anything and everything. What I have realised is that most of them have a feeling of liberation when they are travelling there. Now if you have travelled to India you know what I mean. For example, the flexibility, the spontaneity and lack of rules. A person coming from a country where in they have to follow rules all the time, feels liberated when you visit a country with not so many rules. For example seeing cows on the road, a BMW and a Volvo too! If you want you could spit on the road, they will not do that but the possibility of being able to do anything and everything makes one feel liberated. The same way, you can stop in the middle of the street, you could throw a tissue on the road and son on. (Now let me remind you I am infamous for giving the worst metaphors in life! bear with me on that!)

Now, dont get me wrong I am not suggesting that they or even I would do something like that. But the possibility of these things is an absolute game changer!

Now have a look at this Power Ranger inspired Graffiti! It instantly took me down the memory lane as M was a huge fan of power rangers back in the 90's and you see how well the no entry sign with the pole blends so well in this one.

Here are some other ones I found interesting, use your imagination and make your own story here. Its really fun!

I love the colors, how it brightens up a dull grey wall, makes a good piece for a conversation, interpretation and discussion.

You can find Graffiti in many areas in the City of Zurich, mostly you can find it in Zurich West of Kreis 5 /District 5

So do explore Zürich West, the area near Obere Letten and about everywhere else.

This is my second favorite one! and my interpretation would be a house full of colorful memories, a big family, many children, grand parents, uncles, aunts, festivals, chaos, fun, food, laughter, tears, hugs and kisses.............just a very simple, colorful not so perfect but an almost organized chaotic life!

May the colors be always with you in your life..............................

and now she goes.....


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