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Masala Chai/Tee

Masala Chai is a Chai/Tee based on black tee. It is a very common beverage in India, it is very much consumed in the north, central and the east of India but if you go towards the south you will find the best filter coffee there.

Drinking tee is almost like a ceremony for me. It is so calming, refreshing and its a routine I love. First thing in the mornning I need like other billions of Indians a hot cup of chai and then the day starts.

But now I see even everywhere else in the west too the fever of chai is cathing up but its no where close to the real indian thing. Do try this and you will definitely not regret it! With such simple ingredients and a bit work, the level and quality is multiple folds better. And who doesn't deserve a good chai.

Here is what you will need for 1 cup Ingredients:

- 3/4 cup and a little bit more water to evaporate - 1/4 cup of milk - 1 tsp sugar or to taste - a hazelnut size piece of ginger, crushed - a green cardamom, crushed - a pinch of chai masala if available if not 1 small clove and a pinch of black pepper

- 1 heaped tsp black tee, preferbly Assam

Method: 1. Put the water to heat in a pan, in a pestle and mortar crush all the spices with ginger and add it to the water. 2. When the water starts to boil, add black tee and sugar. 3. Let it boil for a minute and then add the milk. After adding the milk to the Pan, keep a watch on the Pan as the whole mixture can run out of the pan. 4. Boil the whole mixture for a minute or so and sieve it through a fine sieve. If you like it strong like I do boil it for 2-3 minutes. 5. Enjoy hot.

Different moods with Chai

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