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Iced Tee

First it was the tetra packs iced tees then came the powder sachets and now its back to the basics. Sometimes you keep doing things for months and years and dont think about things that much but then one fine day, you say enough is enough and you try things and it works. Thats what happened with me and the tetra packs of iced tees. I must say it tastes great but the amount of garbage you get from a liter of iced tee was not worth to me. But then homemade things are homemade and if the girls like it then its a go.

Last time in my Jaipur trip I showed it to my cousins, from the simple home ingredients from our kitchen and they said WOW! It tastes just like Lipton! I was like, of course we used black tee, sugar and lime juice and thats what they do but we dont have preservatives and its healthy and it doesn't create garbage.

Here is what you will need for 2 litres.

- 1 cup boiled water

- 1 tbsp black tee (I prefer Assam, color and strong flavor)

- 2 tbsp sugar (or to taste/ take brown sugar or honey if you like)

- juice of one lime or lemon.

- Two empty bottles

- A little less then 2 liters cold water


1. Boil one cup water, add the tee to it and let it boil for a few minutes, add the sugar to it too and let it cool and let the sugar dissolve.

2. After about 3-4 minutes take the two bottles filled with more than 3/4 of the cold water, add half of the tee decoction to each bottle and stir it well.

3. Add the juice of lime or lemon to the bottle as well, mix it well. Taste it, if you think its a bit less sweet or less limey then you can add some more lime juice or sugar to it.

4. Let it chill for a few hours or better make it in the evening in the summer days and let it chill overnight.

Tip. The same way you can use green tee to make iced tee green.

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