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Indian Shops in Zurich


Agarawal's is one of the oldest Indian stores in down town Zürich. Its in the Kreis 4 of Zürich. Earlier it used to be a smaller shop right at the corner of the Credit suisse near the makrkplatz, Helvetia platz but now they have moved for a couple of years further down on the Kernstrasse. I would say its a small Indian supermarkt, very well organiazed, big and clean and super friendly service. 

Food + Net

This is a nice little Indian store. He has a good collection of things but more from the region of South India and all the basic north Indian stuff is also available. If you want to do your monthly rice and daal shopping then its good to go here as there is a lot of parking space available. He is a friendly guy and orders special things for you if you need somthing. 

Art of Food

This is the shop owned by the Gupta`s. Its a very nice and friendly couple. Monika is mostly there, she is a sweetheart and being coming from the north of India, they have a big collection of north Indian delicacies. They are bring special things at the time of Diwali and other Indian festivals, which is like.....all the time. If you need a quick snack, dont miss out on the change to grab a Samosa or a veda made by housewives, its worth trying. 

Barkat Cash & Carry

Barkat Cash & Carry, as the name very well represents, is a Cash and Carry shop. It's right at the Wiedikon Tram stop and it's a great value for money kind of store. Here you can find almost all the Indian groceries and the Indian brands are the same which you might find in Globus too. So if you are living around that area, then Barkat is a good store. 

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