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Indian Cooking courses

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We at Creativ-ity organize private cooking events from my HQ in Wallisellen. We do customized cooking events for different occasions and the courses can be done either in German or in English. Here are some ideas:

- Girl friends night 

- Surprise evening 

- Mother-Daughter

- Father-son 

- Kids Birthday

- Adults Birthday 

- Parents Birthday 

Terms & Conditions: 

- No. of People: 4-7 People 

- Duration: 4 Hours 

- Cost: Group of 4 persons, 90 Chf per person

- Cost: Group of 5-7, 70 Chf per person

- Type of course: Explore the different courses or leave it to us

- Call us to discuss and explore, dont be shy :)

The world of parathas/stuffed indian bread/flaky bread

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Paratha is an Indian flat bread cooked on a crepe pan, and then cooked with either Ghee/butter or oil. It can either be a flaky bread in itself or it can be a stuffed one too. For an Indian stuffed paratha is a weakness and if its an aloo ka paratha (potaot filled flat bread), need you say anything else. But there are others like onion stuff paratha, mooli/radish stuff paratha, matar (peas) paratha and so on. We will be making different types of parathas and they are best enjoyed with a raita and tangy sweet and sour chutneys.

Advanced Vegetarian

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This course is a perfect one to celebrate Christmas and holidays, the dishes are rich and perfectly suitable for winter. There is just one cheese which is popular in the Indian kitchen and that`s Paneer(Cottage cheese). In this course we will be making our own Paneer, and then that will be used to make our own rich curry and an Indian dessert too. There will be a very aromatic dish with black lentils (mah-ki-daal), stir fried cabbage with potatoes, served with fresh baked naan bread and Kheer (Dessert with Rice and Milk)

The world of lentils

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There is a rainbow of lentils in the Indian cuisine and they are the best source of protiens especially for a vegetarians and vegans but also for non vegetarians. At the moment I see people raving about lentils a lot. You can have them as a part of the Indian meal, or as a lentil salad or as a soup. As fall is approaching, I often make different kinds of lentil soups and of course the good old indian daa-chawal or varan-bhaat is always a comfort food. 

A Punjabi Plate

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The region of Punjab is famous for its rich food culture, the very famous lassi and street food. In this class we will be making tangy chole (chicpea curry) served with sweet and sour tamarind chutney and deep fired bhaturas, a raita and a rice dish. to wash it all down with chilled sweet and sour lassi and some side condiments.  

Rajasthani Special (Churma, Daal, Bati)

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The land of Maharajas, that`s Rajasthan. In this course we cook traditional Rajasthani meal which consits of a mixed daal, baati is a bread, which used to be baked in the fire but now with the evolution it can be cooked in a small Indian Tandoor or even in a normal oven and the sweet which goes with it is called as Churma, vistit this course to experience the food of the colorful state of Rajasthan. 

Christmas Apero: Indian street food & Snacks

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Apero with a twist:  in this course we will be making all fun food recipes which are great to serve for a Christmas Apero, a Brunch or even a Buffet. Dishes like baked pakoras, baked Samosas, fruit chaats (fruit served with spcies) , tikkis and much more. So lets get inspired and prepare ourselves for the holiday season where in you can cook stree free yet healthy food and enjoy your times with your friends and families.

Indian: the Vegan way

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Indian food is as close to Vegan as it can be. In this course we will learn how to make our own sprouts, the use of nuts and peanuts and even make vegan flat breads with the different grains like jowar, bajra and corn. The meal will be served with a aromatic daal and some other dishes and of course a little something vegan for that sweet tooth too. 

Cooking on a budget for Students

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Students, if living alone could have a challenging life, trying to be able to cook healthy on a budget and time saving recipes. In this course we will cook dishes 

Cooking courses at Klubschule Migros

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I do give courses at the Klubschule Migros, the courses are either at Oerlikon or Limmatplatz/Zürich. These courses can be booked directly through the Migros website or you can also call and book. Explore the Migros website for different types of courses.  If you have any questions regarding these courses you can write me a PM. Thanks. 

Indisch Street Food 18.08.2016

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Im moment Street food ist viel im trend hier im Zürich. Ich sehe überall so viele Street Food festivals aber in Indien es gibst immer. In diesem Abend kochen wir gesunde und schnell gemachte street foods wie Chole-Tikki (Kircherberbsen Curry mit Kartoffen patty), Mango Lassi und vieles mehr. Lass euch überraschen. 

Preis. 70 Chf, inclusive Rezept Heftli, Apero, ein vortrag über die Gewürze und die Indische Küche

Ort: Melchrütistrasse 6, 8304 Wallisellen

Zeit: 18.00 bis 22.00

Mitbringen:guete Laune, guten Appetit, Schürze und Tupperware.

Indian shopping tour

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Keine Küche bietet eine grössere Vielfalt als die Indische. Gemeinsam unternehmen Sie einen kulinarischen Streifzug durch einige indische Läden in Zürich und lernen dabei viel über indische Gewürze und Zutaten. Damit wissen Sie, wo man die Grundlagen zu feinen indischen Kochrezepten bekommt. Nach dem Ausflug gehen wir in eine kleeine Indishes Imbiss zum etwas geniessen. 

Treffpunkt: Zürich HB metting point 10.00 (10.00 bis 13.00)

Preis: 70 Chf, inclusive (Rezept Heftli und Information über vershiedene Ladens, Imbiss preis nicht imbegriffen)

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