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Now Freitag needs no introduction! Now does it!

For people who don't know Freitag yet! They do please get to know it. Its one of The Cult Bags coming from Zürich. It was started by Freitag brothers in Zürich-West. Its one of the most sustainable bags who can find.

The bags is made from the tarps from the trucks, the belts are made from old car seat belts! Mega comfortable and the piping on the bags are old bicycle tubes.

Here this tall picture is the Freitag tower which is made up of metal containers and further down you can see some pictures of the store too.

I don't think Freitag is a bag anymore! Its a movement. You can find more about the Freitag here.

This is the view from top of the Freitag tower! Quite a view! I would definitely recommend you go to and visit.

The tablet building in Zürich! THE PRIME TOWER! Here you see me and Rosy when we visited the tower!

Pretty Stunnig! >Right! I meant the Tower! and you thought I was talking about us!!!!

Inside the boutique! There are so many different types of bags, backpacks, wallets, phone cases, shoulder bags etc. and they will be forever!

and you know what! this phone gives you all the information regarding the Freitag bags and their company! Fun!

The rainbow of colors!

these are the shoppers or the day bags! but my favourite is either the back pack or the umhangtasche!

After Freitag there are so many other bag labels coming out of Zürich but honestly I have been bitten by the Freitag bug! Have you!!!


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