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Home made face masks

When we have to wear a face mask then why not do it in some print! Actually to be honest the masks were all sold out in all the pharmacies. So about two weeks ago I made masks for all four of us.

Here are the instructions on how you can make your own face mask. Now they are not the surgical masks but I believe something is better than nothing. I have taken only one layer of cotton fabric. But if you like you could also take a lining too. But my daughter felt it was anyways difficult for her to breathe with one layer of cotton.

You will need:

- scraps of cotton fabric in 10x11 inches or 28x25 cms

- sewing machine or even a hand needle and thread would work

- 2 elastic bands in the size 6 inches or 16 cms each

Lets get started:

- Cut out a piece of cotton fabric in the above size mentioned.

- Fold the fabric wider side in the middle and make three big pleats and pin them up.

- Pin the pleats on the other side as well.

- Now just secure the pleats on the edge with a straight stitch and take out the pins.

- Now hem the edges of the mask starting with both the pleated sides.

- While hemming the top edge of the mask, insert the elastic band, secure it well and come to the end where in you will also insert the other elastic band.

- Now repeat the hemming on the bottom side of the mask, iron it and Voila your mask is ready.

- Use it when you are going out and you can always wash it and re use it.

- I am making some masks for my friends who are not into sewing. If you would like a mask for you, I would be happy to make one for you. But at the moment I have a waiting list. Do send me a PM. and of course I am making them as gifts to protect us and protect others.

Keep well!

PS: If you are not into sewing and dont have scrap fabrics at home, then you could also use an old discarded blouse or a scarf or a t-shirt.

This could very well be also done by a hand stitch.

Here are some pictures for you to have an idea as how simple it is to make your own masks and they make excellent gifts as well.

These masks cover quite a bit of face as well. If you want to make for kids then play with the measurement and take a couple of inches less. Do share your picture if you have made some.


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