Raclette Factory

Racelette a Swiss delicay!

It was a cold and windy day and after walking for three hours since the morning I was getting hungry for a nice and warm meal and what better place and dish to have then a Swiss Raclette. Racelette is a Swiss dish, its served with boiled potatoes and melted Raclette cheese and pickles. So a great choice for vegetarians like me and you, if you are one.

This place is in the heart of the old town of Zürich, its one of the best and the most convenient places to have a Raclette. Its located in the District 1 of Zürich at the Rindermart and its very easily accessible by foot. District 1 is the oldest district in the city of Zürich. Here you can find buildings going back to the 12th Century and even before. So while walking keep your eyes open.

Menu of the day

Other then Raclette they have a Soup of the day on the Menu and also Flammkuchen. A Flammkuchen is a kind of a very thin crust pizza, it can have different toppings from leeks, meat, dates, sour creme and so on. I reached the Raclette factory around 12.00 isch and the place is baking in the glory of the sun, looking very inviting and rather empty. You cannot miss this beautiful pink building at the corner of the Rindermarkt at the Stussihof. This area has a lot of jewels around like the Zünfthaus zur Schmieden and the beautiful Stüssihof fountain. If the weather permits you could also sit outside in the sun on these warm fury seats and enjoy your meal and see life pass by.

Enjoy your meal in a Swiss Chalet

The interior is done in a Chalet kind of way, a very Swiss feel to it. Inside there were two British guys having their rather early beer, I guess you could do that on a Friday. I heard the British accent but they could be Irish too! Anyways I asked for a simple old fashioned Raclette with boiled potatoes and melted natural Raclette cheese. Its served with a few pickles and for 14.50 per portion, its a rather good price and in the city of Zürich. I think its a steal! They use all the local products and the quality of food is great. Its a great place for vegetarians too. As I said they also serve soup for 8 Chf with a slice of bread. On a cold winter day it serves you right. So here you can she a cauldron full of soup and my plate of racelette in the making. Its absolutely a delight to eat this on a cold day.

And this is how my plate looked like

Support local water: Züri-Wasser

For drinks I took Züri-Wasser/Zürich Water which most of the Restaurants here in the city serve. its supporting the Zürich, local water, a good cause and its much helathier then a fissy drink, I think! A bottle of water will cost you 2.50 Chf and the refill is free. Works for me all the time.

The interior of the place is quite causal but its still a service restaurant, that a bit of luxury which I like. Your cutlery is on the table with some spices. They have been serving this dlicacy here since 1985.

The staff is super friendly too, so why dont you head over for a Raclette here. See for yourself!

You can either walk from Bellevue or take a tram till the Rathhaus and from there you walk through Marktgasse and head over to Rindermarkt 1. Enjoy.