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Flea Market Bürkliplatz

Flea markets are a thing in Europe and Scandinavia too. I first saw a small flea market when I first visited Sweden in 1995! Wow! I sure feel old when I say that. Now, flea markets or Flomi in Swiss German you can find almost everywhere in summer in Switzerland. This one right here is at the Bürkliplatz, FlohmarktBürkliplatz, right by the lake side and it happens every Saturday from the month of March till October from morning 6.00 am till evening 17.00. Its great fun to visit a Flohmi and to participate in it as well. You can find all sorts of stalls and people here. There are antique collectors to jewelry stalls, to professionals to young mothers to teenage girls

I love the concept of this. The idea behind it is firstly you can sell the things you dont need, you can be outdoors the whole day and you get to talk to people and have a little pick-nick at the same time. Of course its a good amount of work too. In a way I feel its a good way to get rid of things and pass it on to others who need it. So, its a way of recycling and reinventing things.

To get the good bargains, do visit the Flohmi early in the morning. Over the years I have got some really good bargains and very interesting things too. Like I got a Thomas Sabo chain with a pedant of an angel and a Globe and I also found a wooden Ganesha from Indonesia and many books as well.

Its always great to chat with different kinds of people and hear their stories. Not only here in Zürich but most of the towns in Switzerland you can find Flea markets everywhere. Mostly they are on a Saturday morning but sometimes they are also once a month. So whenever you see the sign Flohmi, you know what it is! Look at the picture below, I must have started at these lovely ladies for a while and look at that cute little dog. I love to go out at such places for these little gems of moments in life! Don't you agree!

So here you can see some impressions from the flea market. You will be surprised what all you can find here, and the best of all you see life`s such lovely scenes. Have a look at the last picture, I cant get over it! love it so much. Two friends who probably got old together, are here at the flea market, with their cute lovely dog who is sitting in the shopping trolley and wants very much to be a part of the conversation! It was an absolute delight for me to observe these lovely ladies.

Have fun exploring!

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