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Hiltl am Dachterrasse (Roof Terrace)

I am often asked the same question from the vegetarian tourists "Where can I find vegetarin food here in Zürich" I say this is the place which has the so called "Worlds first vegetarian Restaurant" here in Zürich, its called as Hiltl, It has been in Zürich since 1898. About 20 years ago there used to be one Haus Hitl at the Sihlstrasse 28. Today there are about 6 Hiltl in and around Zürich and some take aways too. They also have other Restaurants by the name of Tibits.

This one "Hiltl am Dachterrasse" Hitl on the Roof Terrace is literally on the Bahnofstrasse, just about 100 mt from the main train station, almost opposite to the Globus or the Pestolozzi green patch. Its on the terrace of the PKZ Women store and it can be accessed from the store which is located at Bahnofstrasse 88 Zürich, or if you dont want to go through the store, it can also be accessed via the little side street called as the Beatengasse. You cant miss the glass door with the Hiltl Dachterrasse sign on the board, take a lift and reach the roof top.

There awaits you a lovely Hiltl buffet and two Terraces, with a lovey view of the city of Zürich and lots of light and plants and a very living room kind of atmosphere. They also have a good collection of drinks, cocktails, chai, lassi etc.

One of the things which I like at Hiltl is that you can have a glass of drinking water for free. This time I went for a Rhurbard and strawberry drink, as it was 28° degrees and I was super tired and hungry after my 4 hour tour. If you are going for a Buffet its always self service but if you go for Al-e-karte then they serve you. But I always prefer a Buffet.

Food is bought as per weight and my plate costed about 14 Chf and 6 Chf for a big drink and yes one more thing you can get a bread for free too and water as well. So I think its a good value for money, their food is always flavourful, its vegetarian and for my Indian guests they can also find a samosa, kachori, Daal-chawal and many other Indian dishes. Other then that they have Mexican, temp eh, Italian, mediterriran, oriential, so about more than dozen different dishes and dont even ask about their dessert buffet! its amazing. Enjoy :)


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