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So today is the third Monday of April, and it could have been the celebration of the Sechselauten. And a weather like today, it could have been and insanely good festival. But not this time, anyways people. I have a little article for you from last year and the most gorgeous pictures too! Now you make yourself an Apero Spritz, like we had last year and read on the blog post and enjoy the pictures. Last years post on Sächsilüüte! Its again that time of the year where the most awaited Zünft festival/ Guild festival takes place in the heart of the city. This festival goes back to many years. The guilds have ruled the city of Zürich for hunderds of years, today they might not have any political

Cooking in times of Quarantine/Covid 19

Before we could balance our feet on the ground we realized we were and will be stuck at home for God only knows how many days, weeks or months. My pantry is always stocked with dry food. I think that's also a very big cultural difference. Back home in India my mom always ordered dry groceries at home and that too between 2-5 kg depending on what it was. For example, lentils were always around 2 kg, sugar 5 kg and rice 10 kg and wheat which happens to be the staple food in the north of India was bought by my Grandfather at the time of the harvest. He would take a truck with him and buy a truck load full of wheat which was then later distributed among the family of four Grandfathers. I remembe

Home made face masks

When we have to wear a face mask then why not do it in some print! Actually to be honest the masks were all sold out in all the pharmacies. So about two weeks ago I made masks for all four of us. Here are the instructions on how you can make your own face mask. Now they are not the surgical masks but I believe something is better than nothing. I have taken only one layer of cotton fabric. But if you like you could also take a lining too. But my daughter felt it was anyways difficult for her to breathe with one layer of cotton. You will need: - scraps of cotton fabric in 10x11 inches or 28x25 cms - sewing machine or even a hand needle and thread would work - 2 elastic bands in the size 6 inc