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Schweizer Heimatwerk

If we would translate the German word “Schweizer Heimatwerk” It would mean, Swiss Home Crafts and that’s what it is! It’s a boutique which sells hand made things from Switzerland. There are about 8 shops or rather boutiques in the whole of Switzerland. And out of that 8 shops 5 are in Zürich. Two at the Zürich Airport, two in downtown Zürich, pictures of one of those you are going to see in the pictures below. This one is one of my most favorite shops. The building where this shop is, is rather special. It’s the last remains of the Ottenbach Monastery from the 13th Century. The paintings on the either side of the building are from the 1930`s. These paintings are from the famous Swiss painter

Raul Dias on Haus Hiltl

Raul is a writer, restaurant reviewer and a travel and food addict. Me and Raul, we hit off instantly when we met and we both being foodies had a great time together. I met Raul and accompanied him on behalf of Zuerich Tourismus for three days in the beginning of March to various famous food places in Zürich. We started off at Hiltl and this is what he has to say. He keeps you tied with his words and you always feel like wanting more. So if that is also the case with you then go on here on his blog Raul on the Prowl to read more articles from him. This one below came in the Hindu today and I couldn't be happier to read it. By Raul Dias Ever the sceptic when it comes to anything remotely “

Childra/ Vegetarain Omelette II

So looks like this is my second post on Chilla/Chila or Childra or also called as Puda in the north of India. I love Chilas and they are so diverse and easy to put together. This one requires a bit of planning as its made from the yellow moong lentils/daal. You have to soak the daal for 3-4 hours or even overnight. I soaked it overnight. I made it for a light and savoury breakfast and then also made the chilas for lunch. So you see its quite a versatile dish, you can have it for any meal. So here is what you will need to do. Ingredients to make the batter: (for 2-3 people) - 2 cups of yellow moong daal - 1 heaped tsp of methi seeds (fenugreek seeds) that is all! Wash the lentils two to three