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Zürichhorn: Heureka

As the days are getting bigger and brighter the wish to be outdoors comes in. There are so many spots you can visit and hang out in Zürich. One of my most favorite spots in Zürich is by the lake side and ie. Zürichhorn. This place is close to Belluve and by a light stroll on the side of the lake Promenade you can reach here in 15-20 minutes. So basically you will walk by the lake of Zürich on the right side and in the front the view of the Alps. You will also see many people hanging out the whole stretch of the area. As you will start approaching the Zürichhorn you will start to notice big beautiful trees and then finally you will see big garden grounds too called as the Blatterwiese (Blatt


Sprouting is a very easy way of germinating lentils, seeds, beans, chic-peas etc. It is a very easy way of having greens at home. I sprout my moon beans, Fenugreek and Indian chic peas all the time. You can do so many interesting things with these sprouts like eat them raw in a salad, steamed made into a chat, as a vegetable and so many other things. I am slowly going to put my recipes from the sprouts but first here is the way how to do it at home. This time I have made three different kinds and they are green moon, fenugreek and Indian Chicpea or Chana. Here is what you will need: - 1 tbsp of Fenugreek seeds/Methi - 1 cup of green Moong - 1 cup of Chicpea/Chana Method: 1. First of all find

Plastic in our lives

This is a throwback to an exhibition, Plastic in our lives I visited in 2013 at the Museum der Gestaltung in Zürich. It was titled as Plastic in our lives, it was an exhibition which was a moving exhibition from place to place as clearly we around the world apparently need more awareness of how plastic is damaging our health, systems, our birds, our animals, our oceans, lakes and rives and hence our earth. More then ever today we are talking even more about sustainable living, it has become a very IN topic for conversations and discussions. Actually we are all fully aware of the damage that plastic is doing. But are we taking enough steps to not use plastic in our everyday lives. I grew up