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Raclette Factory

It was a cold and windy day and after walking for three hours since the morning I was getting hungry for a nice and warm meal and what better place and dish to have then a Swiss Raclette. Racelette is a Swiss dish, its served with boiled potatoes and melted Raclette cheese and pickles. So a great choice for vegetarians like me and you, if you are one. This place in the heart of the old town of Zürich, its is one of the best and the most convenient places to have a Raclette. Its located in the District 1 of Zürich at the Rindermart and its very easily accessible by foot. Other then Raclette they have a Soup of the day on the Menu and also Flammkuchen. A Flammkuchen is a kind of a very thin cr

Pyaz-Tamater ka Raita/Onion & Tomato Raita

Raita is a yogurt dish which always finds a place on the Indian Thali. There can be different kinds of Raitas. We made this Onion and Tomato Raita in the weekend course and Fabianne and the group loved it. So here is this recipe for Fabianne and her friends. Here is what you will need for the Raita for 4 persons: Ingredients: - 500 gm natural yogurt - 1 red onion finely chopped - 4-5 cherry tomatoes, quartered or 1 big tomato, chopped - 2 cloves of garlic, pressed or finely chopped - salt to taste - a big pinch of black salt /kala namak (i used from natur kraft werke) - pinch of heeng/asatofedita - 1/4 tsp of dried mint - 1/4 tsp of roasted and grinded cumin powder - a big pinch of red chili