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Parsley & Avocado Pesto

Are you a fresh home made Pesto person or you dont mind buying a jar from the store. Years ago I used to buy Pesto but then my cousin from the United States visited us, and he showed me how he makes the Basil pesto! and Boy! we loved it. Since then there has been no looking back and I have been making of all sorts of Pesto. This one is made with Italian Parsely and the Avocado addition inspiration I got from M. She also makes great Pesto. I took a big bunch of flat Parsely, an Avocado and some other things. It made a huge amount, with one normal and one small Maison jar full. You could definitely use this to make pasta for a family of 4 twice. I use it for pasta of course, but also as a Bru

Im Viaduckt

Zürich west used to be the industrial district of the city until the middle of the 19th century. Zürich is divided into 12 Districts and this comes in the district 5 or Kreis 5 of the city of Zürich. Here you will find an old Viaduckt which was made in the end of the 19th century (1894) in stone. The stone arches and the area around the viaduckt were used by people as a market place and it became a place for trading fruits and peanuts. There were also shops for bikes, Comestibles etc. It used to be called as the banana headquarters. By the end of March 2003 they all had to vacate this place because SBB wanted to make something here. After many different plans for this Viaduckt it was finally