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Rheinfall is one of the major attractions in the north of Switzerland. It is in the Canton of Schaffausen and its in the community or a little town called as "Neuhausen am Rheinfall" but it belongs to both the Cantons, Zürich and Schauffausen. So the maintenance of the Rheinfall is supported half-half by both the Cantons. If we break the word Rhein-Fall it literally means a water fall coming from the river Rhein and that's what exactly it is. It is the biggest and the largest water fall in Europe. The water crashes 21 meters down and the width of the fall is about 150 meters. It can be visited for half a day trip. It is 50 km from Zürich and its very well connected with the public transporta

Mix Vegetable curry

This is a simple colourful coconut based curry which is not very fancy but tastes great on a rainy day like today. For a serving for 3 people you will need: Ingredients: - 1 tbsp oil - 3 garlic cloves, pressed - 2 hot green chilled, finely chopped - 1 thumb sized ginger, finely grated Vegetables: - 1 big white onion, finely chopped - 1 red capsicum, diced - 2 tender medium-small courgettes, diced - 1 corn, kernels taken out Others: - salt to taste - 1/2 tsp of Demeter turmeric powder (https://www.kaia.ch/de/p/lebensbaum-kurkuma-gemahlen.html) - half can of organic coconut milk - 1 cup water - 1 tbsp lime juice - 1 green Chili finely chopped to garnish Method: 1. Prepare the vegetables as de

Gaia Mother Tree @ Zürich Main Station

If you are at the Zürich main train station, you cannot miss the new art installation by the Beyler foundation and made by Ernesto Neto, an artist from Brazil. Ernesto Neto was born in 1964 in Rio de Janeiro and he is a contemporary artist of today's times. He uses organic materials for his art installations and mostly his art work is larger then life, he says his work is also based on spirituality and people can also touch his art work, use them walk through them and smell them too. His works of art can be found in places like Tate Modern in London, at the MOMA in New York and at Pompidou in Paris. But we dont have to travel to London and Paris, right here at the main train station of Züric

Flea Market Bürkliplatz

Flea markets are a thing in Europe and Scandinavia too. I first saw a small flea market when I first visited Sweden in 1995! Wow! I sure feel old when I say that. Now, flea markets or Flomi in Swiss German you can find almost everywhere in summer in Switzerland. This one right here is at the Bürkliplatz, FlohmarktBürkliplatz, right by the lake side and it happens every Saturday from the month of March till October from morning 6.00 am till evening 17.00. Its great fun to visit a Flohmi and to participate in it as well. You can find all sorts of stalls and people here. There are antique collectors to jewelry stalls, to professionals to young mothers to teenage girls I love the concept of this